ABEC Prefectship is a student hierarchy structure that has been in practice for more than twenty years ABEC.
It involves an election by students once a year to fill in various prefectship positions. 
Those that are selected would go through screening by the ABEC Academy Board and those that are successful would receive ordinations by the Priest.
The responsibilities of prefects are tied to their various elective positions.  
The Dining Prefect has to ensure that all students are at the dining hall at the designated time as well as they ensure that prep (evening studies) takes place at the dormitory.
The Health Prefect ensures that students comply with the health laws that are enacted to  keep a safe and comfortable environment 
The Sports Prefect ensures adequate exercise through the instruction of the school’s Head Coach.
The Social Prefect carries out interesting programs in collaboration with the principal to ensure an exciting school calendar.  
The Labour Prefect ensures that students maintain a clean environment and that loitering is reduced to the barest minimum. 
The Senior Prefect monitors other prefects to ensure a smooth running of his or her prefectship tenure.  The Senior Prefect may be called upon to speak on behalf of the school during an event as he or she is seen as the student president or ambassador of the institution.