Christie Toby Inclusive Education Centre

Christie Toby Inclusive Education Centre (CTIEC) is a co – educational institution borne out of the need to give uncompromised quality education and carter for the educational needs of both the main stream learners and students with special learning needs (visually impaired, speech and learning impaired, physically challenged. MR, Gifted children etc.) the school was established by Dame (Dr) Christie Toby in October 2009. CTIEC is not just the first but the only inclusive school in the whole country. An inclusive school is an inclusive world where everyone is a winner. An inclusive world is a world that works for everyone. To children with disabilities, it is an inclusive home, inclusive church, inclusive classroom, inclusive play and activities. In an inclusive environment. Children learn unity in diversity.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the school is that “No child is in educable”. CTIEC therefore dedicates itself to the full development of the individual student in preparation for the challenges of higher education and life. The school promotes enduring habits of intellectual curiosity, discipline, tolerance, peaceful co-existence on the basis of equality and respect for human dignity, honesty, self-esteem, appreciation for arts and music, respect for others and self. Independent and critical thinking are fostered through a rich and rigorous curriculum which challenges the students to maximize their abilities. Our ultimate but solemn goal is for students to leave Christie Toby Inclusive Education Centre strong in character and learning, well prepared for further education and life, adequately equipped to meet the challenges of the future and determined to fully develop their own gifts and ready to share those gifts generously with others.

Top Management